Our cooperation with Attorney Saad Syed started in August 2016. In our long way of immigration process my visa has been refused once and my wife’s visas has been refused three times. Our immigration process has been started in 2013. We thought that everything we were doing good, but it was so complicated that we didn’t know what we could do to finish it. We met Attorney Saad Syed in August 2016. To be honest,  my wife wasn’t sure that we really need a lawyer. The only reason was money. But we decided to do it. Now I can say that Mr. Syed has come to know as a reliable and above all effective in the tasks entrusted to him person. Mr. Syed is a Person with high meticulousness and with a lot of patience. He helped us to ended our process. Our visas was approved in october 2016 and in November 2016 we came to Canada with all family. We signed contract per one year so Mr. Syed was still helping us with the immigration process. Our cooperation was perfect. Mr. Syed is a very hardworking and honest person, he has a professional approach to work.

We recommend working with Mr. Syed.