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Making The Right Moves For Your Temporary Residence Application Should You Be Working with Your Local Travel Agent, A Consultant, Or a Lawyer?

If you’re considering studying in Canada, then you probably already know that the Canadian immigration process is a gruelling and often confusing affair. Choosing the right professional to work with is an important step of the process, so should you be working with a local agent, unauthorized consultant, or a lawyer you can trust? Let’s find out!

Should You Be Working with A Lawyer or A Consultant?

You should consider working with a lawyer if need professional legal advice to make sure that your documents, applications, and details are ready to be presented to and accepted by the Canadian government. This will help you save valuable time, money, and effort by ensuring that your documents are right the first time round. Immigration lawyers are board-approved legal practitioners who specialize in educating and assisting clients interested in immigrating.

Immigration lawyers can help you:

  • File Appeals to the Federal Court
  • Apply for a study permit or permanent residence in Canada
  • Navigate the complex Canadian immigration process
  • Avoid visa rejections
  • And more!

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants, while still considered professional advisors and valuable service providers, are not lawyers and do not have any legal qualifications. Registered immigration or unregistered consultants also cannot file appeals to the Federal Court. Since study permits are becoming more complicated, they are now prepared with language as a priority –possibility of going to the Federal Court. Work with Canim Law to get the support you deserve!

Unregistered Agents/Consultants

If any student or visitor uses unauthorized representation, the IRCC can now ban them for up to five years. Bill C-35, an Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (formerly known as “The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act”) received Royal Assent on March the 23rd, 2011, and came into full force on the 30th of June in the same year.

Essentially, it is officially an offence for anyone other than an authorised representative to conduct business of Canim Law’s nature – at any stage of any application process or proceeding. Failure to comply with this law can result in hefty penalties of up to $100,000 – or even imprisonment for up to two years. In line with Section 91 of The Act, anyone who provides paid immigration advice – even at the pre-application stage – must be an authorized representative. Therefore, it is incredibly important to work with an authorized representative like the team at Canim Law!

Unpaid third parties, like friends or family members, can still act on behalf of the applicant.

Work With Canim Law

When you work with us, you’re working with Canadian immigration specialists and certified lawyers who specialise in Canadian law. With our proven support and legal immigration services, you’ll be able to make your next move with confidence.

We’ll provide you with the professional immigration consulting you need to not only make sense of the nuanced legalities of immigrating to Canada, but also truly understand the process and every step in it.

Reach out to Canim Law today to book a paid consultation.