Travelling to Canada for Business?
Good News: You Might Not Need a Work Permit!

While this rule doesn’t apply across the board for all business visitors, some are eligible to enter Canada and be involved in international business activities without the need for a work permit! But what determines which activities do not need a work permit – and which do? Here is a list of all of the business activities you can immerse in on Canadian soil without a work permit (although you might still need a Temporary Resident Visa – and you will still need to declare the reason for your visit when you reach the port of entry).

  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Contractual After-Sales Service

Do you have any questions about permitted activities that do not require a work permit? Need help with your application to enter Canada as a Business Visitor? We are here for you! Contact us here to start a conversation today.


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