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Launch Your Learning Journey on Canadian Soil!

There are countless reasons why students choose to embark on their learning journeys in Canada. Studying in Canada is a rewarding decision that not only arms you with a world-class education, but will also immerse you in a multi-cultural learning experience while you make friends for life and build professional contacts for your career ahead.

Many Canadians today started out as immigrants who first entered the nation by obtaining their Canadian study permits. Once you successfully graduate from a Canadian college or university, you could be eligible for a post-secondary work permit – meaning you can continue your journey in Canada and gain incredible work experience which could be crucial in applying for permanent residence in Canada one day.

Sadly, the dream of getting a permit to study in Canada remains a dream for countless ambitious students. Obtaining a study permit can be exceptionally challenging without the support of experienced lawyers who genuinely care about helping you get the positive outcome you deserve. Travel agents don’t have the unique experience or qualifications needed to help you get your study permit, and many other agents will do little more than ghost you when you need them the most.


Thankfully, with Canim Law by your side, you can rest assured that your dreams of obtaining a study permit will be far more likely to become a reality!

However, Before You Begin…

It’s important to note that you’ll need to be accepted into a designated learning institution in Canada before you can apply for a Canadian study permit. You’ll also need to be able to prove that you have the funding needed to cover your basic expenses during your stay.

The Student Direct Stream

Good news for ambitious students hailing from Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines! If you can demonstrate that you have strong financial support, impressive language proficiency, and the drive to thrive on your Canadian academia adventure, then you could be eligible to apply for your Canadian student permit through the Student Direct Steam. Faster processing means you can start your next chapter in Canada sooner rather than later!

Why Not Hire a Local Travel Agent or Consultant?

Always avoid hiring your local travel agent or an unauthorized consultant! They cannot speak to the IRCC like we can. Since study permits are becoming more complicated than ever before, they are now prepared with language – subtly highlighting the possibility of going to Federal Court. In other words, your case needs to be dealt with by a professional lawyer!

Spousal Work Permits

Want your spouse to join you in Canada, working while you study? We can help them obtain a spousal work permit so that you don’t have to be apart. Eligible spouses of study permit holders are permitted to work in Canada. To find out if your spouse or common-law partner’s employer needs an LMIA to hire them in Canada, contact Canim Law today!

Should you wish to work part time on the side while you study during the school year and in regularly scheduled study breaks, you will be authorized to do so should you be a full-time student in an approved program. For the support you need with applying for your study permit in Canada, please contact the Canim Law team today.

Medical Examinations

Foreign Nationals who plan to visit Canada for more than six (6) months, and who have resided in certain countries within a year prior to their arrival in Canada will be required to undergo a medical examination prior to being granted a Study Permit.

Provincial Health Coverage

A Foreign National, who holds a Study Permit, is not covered under the Provincial Health Coverage plans. We strongly suggest that you obtain private insurance to cover you during your stay in Canada.


tudy Permits are for Foreign Nationals who wish to study at an educational institution in Canada.

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