Unlock Express Entry into Canada

Economic immigrants are invited to take advantage of Express Entry, Canada’s dedicated immigration application management system for economic immigration. How does it work? When using the system, Express Entry candidates are ranked and given a point anywhere up to 1200. This ranking determines the candidate’s likelihood of finding success in Canada. The candidates with the highest number will be provided with an “Invitation to Apply”, after which they will need to complete their application for permanent residence in Canada within 60 days.


In order to apply through Express Entry, you must be:

Eligible for one of Canada’s three economic immigration streams:

The Comprehensive Ranking System

  • 500 Points: Core Human Capital Factors which include age, education, language and Canadian work experience.
  • 100 Points: Skill Transferability which is a combination of foreign qualifications, work experience, education and language ability.
  • 600 Points: A Provincial Nomination certificate
  • 50-200 Points: For arranged Employment

Applying for Canadian Express Entry – The Process

 Firstly, you’ll need to create your candidate profile online – which may remain in the candidate pool for up to a year. If any of your ranking factors change during this time, it is the candidate’s responsibility to update their profile in the candidate pool.

If the candidate does not currently hold a qualifying job, you’ll need to register with the Canada Job Bank. Candidates are encouraged to promote themselves to prospective employees and highlight what would make them a strong addition to the company. This will increase the candidate’s chances of being invited to apply!

Candidate pool draws happen every few weeks, and you’ll receive an “Invitation to Apply” for Permanent Residence in Canada should you be selected. Once you receive this invitation, you will have 60 days to provide immigration with all the necessary information and documentation. Once this is done, the final part of the Permanent Residence application processes can ensue.

Upon the completion of your application, you’ll be provided with an estimated total processing time by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. On average, this normally takes around 6 months.