Yes, to avoid visa rejections, you’ll need to be fluent in either Canadian English or French. You’ll need to be able to meet the minimum qualifications of language proficiency if you’re applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Express Entry tends to favour younger applicants, but age is one of the factors that we’ll be able to overcome if need be. You’ll be able to earn points for other factors like your:

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Foreign work experience
  • Spouse’s work experience, skills, and education
  • Canadian work experience

If your temporary work permit is accepted, your spouse will be able to join you as a skilled worker. As a permanent resident, you’ll be able to bring your family with you when moving to Canada. However, this process is complex, so invest in our professional immigration consulting now.

This depends on what you’re applying for. Our competitive prices can be found here. In terms of how long it will take to finalize the Canadian immigration process, then it depends on the type of application, the time it takes to collect the necessary documents, how long it takes the government to process these documents, and more. Our legal immigration services include giving you a rough estimate of the time it will take, however, so feel free to reach out to us for professional immigration consulting.

As a Canadian immigration specialist, I help clients from all over the world choose the right program when applying for permanent residence in Canada, including:

  • Economic program
  • Family Reunification program
  • Humanitarian program

Simply put, this is a document issued by the government of Canada and sent to a company to confirm that the person they’re hiring or recruiting isn’t taking an opportunity from a Canadian resident and subsequently negatively impacting the Canadian Labour Market. When applying for an LMIA, Canadian employers need to prove that they’ve unsuccessfully tried to hire Canadian employees for that specific position.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the results of your application. However, we can assure you that you’re in very capable hands. We’ll be sure to give you our honest feedback on your chances once we’ve reviewed your documents.