Helping Experienced Entrepreneurs Immigrate to Canada

The Provincial Nominee Program is a joint venture among Canada’s different provinces who are working with the Federal government to permit each province to design their own immigration programs. Each Canadian province will also be actively managing the immigrant selection process in alignment with provincial plans and priorities. Provinces can run multiple programs throughout the year, depending on their unique needs and goals.

While each province’s program will differ, all candidates for the Provincial Nominee Program must meet pre-determined federal admissibility criteria should they wish to successfully immigrate to Canada. Before applying, applicants must first seek a Provincial Nomination from any of the participating provinces. This is important when it comes to ensuring that they meet the program’s criteria for that province before going to the trouble of applying.

When applying, all entrepreneurs must first apply to the provincial program administration, followed by the federal government department responsible for the selection of immigrants.

Program requirements vary greatly and are subject to change without forewarning. To learn more about the various provincial programs available to you – and to determine your eligibility – please contact our team today!